Why Join us

Why sell on our Multivendor Marketplace?

  • Boolenat multivendor marketplace has emerged as a new platform for conducting business throughout the market. The emergence of our multivendor marketplace has changed the definition of business.
  • Boolenat is a recognized digital platform where you can sell handmade and homemade gifts and other items conveniently. This is the platform where sellers sell their handmade product with love. There are multiple advantages of conducting business on our multivendor marketplace. Here, you will learn why you should sell your items on our platform.
  • Our multivendor marketplace is different from another e-commerce platform, and you can avail numerous advantages just by joining your helping hands with us. As a leading venture in the market, we acquire a standard policy for our business and customers. We are committed towards customer satisfaction, and we aim to offer a great shopping experience for our valuable customers. Our sellers bring a number of authentic handmade products that can only be made with love. We are waiting for you to join us. Here are some reasons to make out our approach to the business.

➤ Why to Sell with Us

  • We provide an open platform for the sellers where they can sell various homemade and handmade products. We always invite sellers who can think, create and produce the products with love and affection. Ranging from homemade crafts, clothes and home decorative to food, drinks and styling items, we give sellers the freedom to create and bring products on our platform.
  • We always believe and give priority to the power of creativity and encourage people to produce more and more handmade items. Our sellers bring homemade and customized products that can give buyers a touch of love. We do not sell or promote machine made products. We rather prioritize and encourage the process of eco-friendly and energy-saving manufacturing.

➤ Bridges Communication

  • Multivendor marketplace mostly relies on the Internet as the medium of business. The digital medium works as a bridge of communication for the buyers buying homemade products and sellers. Our multivendor marketplace has opened a vast opportunity for both sides. Now buyers can directly communicate with the sellers who are selling handmade things, which is convenient for both.

➤ All-Party Involvement

  • Another advantage of Boolenat is the involvement of the owner, sellers and buyers. E-commerce business only comprises the site owner and their customers, but we have created a platform where sellers also get adequate importance, and they can manage, add or delete any product from their shelf.

➤ Growth & Progress

  • Conducting business on the digital platform requires many things at a time. We must ensure the growth, progress and increased captivity of the market to carry on the business. This requires application development, SEO and other necessary social handlings to keep everything all right. It would be better to admit the reality that application development, SEO and other social handlings on e-commerce require moderate expenses for advertising and small outlets are reluctant to invest on social handlings. Our multivendor marketplace is an ideal place for the small business owners as they don’t have to care about advertising and other social handlings and this is the most cost-efficient solution for them.

➤ Recommendation for Sellers

  • In order to establish a better seller-buyer connection, we always urge our sellers to give specification on their homemade things, so that buyers get more information on their products. We also request our sellers to include descriptive details of how they have worked on their items to make them unique and authentic. We also advice them to let the buyers learn about the production process through images and relevant documentation.

➤ Buy a Touch of Love

  • Our sellers do not sell machine-made products. They rather rely more on their hand, skill and experience. They think, they create and they produce products for customers who value unique, creative and authentic products.
  • Sellers here at Boolenat multivendor marketplace are not the agents of multinational companies. They design, produce and sell products for exclusive customers. They are not here to make a huge profit; they rather want money in exchange for their products. It is very difficult to measure the talent of a true artist with the value of money and that is why our sellers do not sell products to make a profit, but to provide products that have been made with love and affection.
  • Here at Boolenat multivendor marketplace, we invite our sellers to provide a glimpse of how they make their products. This allows our users to learn how these unique and creative homemade products are actually made. This is a huge opportunity for the sellers to establish a connection with potential buyers because the details of making process will always encourage potential customers to buy the products.

➤ Easy Product Management

  • Boolenat marketplace is an open source where owners and sellers are permitted to manage the goods. This helps to customize handmade products more easily. Product management also has become easier than before. Technological advancement has played a key role in managing all these things together.
  • Management has also become easier for the owners and sellers with the multivendor marketplace. Computerized processes for vendor management, order management, commission management and SEO management have become easier than before.
  • Thus, it is clear that multivendor marketplace fulfills the interest of every individual involved with the process. Moreover, the reason behind its popularity is the speedy process, increased reach and cost-effectiveness. So, join us and enjoy the best experience of selling