Tips & Tricks

➤ Tips and Tricks to Sell Your Products

  • We want our sellers to sell their products with love, and that is why we urge them to apply effective tricks to win the heart of the potential buyers. Our sellers come with a wide range of handmade and homemade things, and each item is made with great knowledge, experience and a sense of creativity.
  • Despite promoting unique and authentic handmade items, a few sellers often fail to draw the attention of their target audience. Since we are promoting quality products online, it is not possible for the buyers to physically visit our marketplace and check those products. At an online marketplace, it is the description that tells the entire story about the product, and if the description is comprised of adequate information, the reader may consider the product worth buying.

➤ Make Products Description Interesting

  • If the simple product description is not enough, the seller should bring some twists in it. Modern buyers often show interest in learning more about the making or crafting process. It means they want to know how the manufacturer has made the product.
  • Along with some written texts, sellers can add some relevant pictures that will say a lot about the production process. However, since we only sell handmade and customized products, sellers’ description of making process must not show something that can violate our policy.

➤ Show Your Stock

  • We do not tell our sellers to hide their actual stock and create an artificial crisis of any particular product. We tell our seller to be open about how many similar products they have in their stock and disclose the number in the product description part. We also suggest them to include serial numbers of each and every product they sell with love through our platform.
  • Following these simple tips and tricks helps to maintain a healthy balance between the buyers and the sellers.