Seller Terms

Seller Terms

Welcome to the world of Boolenat where vendors sell with love and buyers buy with joy. We have made our platform user-friendly that allow both buyer and seller to transact comfortably. Here, we have come with a few sets of terms that do not only help us to improve our service but help our partners and buyers to do business safely and securely.

Accepting Our House Rules

You can refer this page as our Terms of Use, which is virtually a legal contract between you and Boolenat. The contract highlights your right and responsibility towards our service as a customer. Thus, it is important to read the content thoroughly. If you buy CBD products like CBD oil, CBD plants, CBD tea and accessories like Rolling Papers, Grinders and Filters through our site, this means you have read out our terms and accepted it. If you cannot agree with the content of our Seller Terms page, we will not be able to provide our full service to you.

We are a global multivendor marketplace, and we have become accustomed to dealing with international customers. We have delivered products to some countries across Europe with love. If you are a seller and want to sell your products through our website, you have to be obedient to some sets of policies.

Our house rules for all suggest that if you use our service, you are agreed to our terms and conditions. Our house rules for sellers suggest that if you sell your products through our platform, our terms apply to you.

Your Privacy

We value your privacy and know how it is important to you. In our privacy policy page, we have described how we use your valuable personal information to provide our service across different business sectors. Here, you should know that both Boolenat and seller collect and use your personal information, including your name, address, and contact details.

This means every party associated with our service is responsible for collecting and processing users’ details. If a seller discloses buyer personal details with other parties, the seller will be responsible for any misuse.

Your Association with Boolenat

If you want to enjoy our services, you have to be our registered customer. However, we have laid out some set of rules for visitors who wish to use our services. To access our service, the member will have to be at least 18 years of age. If a minor opens an account with the details of his or her parent or legal guardian, then the person will be responsible for all account related activities.

Likewise, submitting accurate and authentic information is the first and foremost responsibility for an account holder at Boolenat. We can delete your account on finding any inaccuracy in your details.

You are responsible for all your account related activities at our platform. If you are jointly holding the account, then the person whose information will be used in vital transactions is responsible for all activities. In case you are creating an account as a business or organization, then you have to take responsibility for the terms and conditions of the business you are representing.

Selling Rules

Our service is not restricted to Switzerland or any particular country and sellers can use our platform to ship their products to various destinations across Europe. We, therefore request our sellers to be aware of the laws of the countries they are shipping their products.

We urge CBD products makers to respect the laws of other countries, where you sell products with love. A seller should know that Boolenat allows sellers who only sell legal products. Their products or activities should not infringe or violate other country’s law. Sellers who will not obey fundamental rules and administrative laws may face ban at our site and they will be considered as the only responsible of the law violation.

You Are Responsible for Your Content

Content including photos of CBD products like CBD hemp oil, pure CBD oil, CBD tea, CBD infused, CBD plants and other products, their reviews, listing descriptions that you post through our website will be on your responsibility. You have to acknowledge the fact that you are solely responsible for whatever you post through your account at our site. However, your content should not infringe or violate other’s rights or sentiments.

It is a sole responsibility of a seller to respect the laws, customs, tradition, and religious sentiments of a country or area; he or she is shipping products. The seller will be responsible if his or her products violate these factors. The seller may also face legal actions for such acts.

Termination of Account

We do not want to terminate your account unless it violates our terms and conditions. However, you have the right to delete your account from our site any time for any reason. If you have terminated your account without clearing the payment to your seller, you will still have to clear the dues.

In many cases, we consider terminating the accounts of our registered customers. We have the right to suspend or terminate your account, and we can practice this at any point in time without even sending any notice to you.

We Do Not Give Warranties

If you are using our platform to buy CBD products, you should understand the fact that Boolenat does not manufacture or sell products. Both buyers and sellers come to our platform to buy and sell products. Products description are completely written and published by sellers, and we are not responsible for any claim. We do not give any warranties, and we are not responsible for any defective item. We do not sell products produced by multinational companies.

We only sell CBD products that are made with love, affection, and unique ideas. Besides, we enjoy the right to delete products or eliminate a seller’s store from our platform on finding any violation of our seller terms. We are authorized to decide if the products being sold on our platform are relevant to the demand and expectations of buyers.

We have the right to delete or block any product from our platform, and we often practice this to maintain the standard of our service. To encourage potential buyers to learn more about products at our platform, we suggest sellers provide details on making the process by including text and images right from their production house.

Return Policy

We do not design or promote return policy. Our sellers are solely responsible for return policy for their respective CBD products. We always urge our sellers to come with the highly functional and buyer-friendly return policy. We recommend our sellers to use reputed and authentic payment gateways like Paypal for money transaction. Such payment gateways are available in other countries, and they often offer free return shipment in many countries.

Contact Information

For more information about our seller terms, you can contact us through our official email address.