Seller Policies

Seller Policies

While conducting business over the Internet, you must have a standard seller policy to provide a positive experience on the digital platform. If you are planning to sell CBD products and accessories at our multivendor marketplace, make sure you have gone through our seller policy page and agree with our policies.

The multivendor marketplace is a vast platform, and buyers across Europe can contact with the sellers through this platform. A standard seller policy consists of the rights and other necessary regulations related to any transaction on the platform. In other words, this can be described as a helpful guide for the buyers while buying CBD products from our Multivendor marketplace.

In general, seller policy highlights the do’s and don’ts for conducting business over the digital platform. It also focuses on audience engagement and other required ethics for the organization. Here are some of the key aspects of a standard seller policy for our Multivendor marketplace;

(We have discuss the issue in other parts of the page)

• What do you want to sell on the platform?

• What are the limitations of selling different goods?

• Representation of your organization, vendors and the products

• Communication and privacy policy

• Building a progressive business environment through positive customer reviews

• Description of the products

• Satisfying consumers with various services

• Handling various processes like returns, order cancellations, and exchanges effectively.

These are the most focused areas of a seller policy that you must follow while preparing your seller policy for our multivendor marketplace.

What do you want to sell on the platform?

Perhaps this is the first question that comes to your mind whenever you plan on starting up a business on Boolenat. Earlier, the e-commerce industry has captured a huge portion of the retail market through its chain. Now you have to make a list of the CBD products like CBD oil, CBD tea, CBD infused, plant and more that you wish to sell on the digital platform. Moreover, our multivendor marketplace comes with added advantages for the sellers where they can also manage their CBD products. Nowadays, the market has become more industry-specific, and hence you are required to make a clear list of the CBD products like pure CBD oil, CBD plants, and accessories like rolling papers, grinders, vape & pens.


1. A fair listing of the products will not only help the owner and sellers, but it will be easier for the consumers to find their favorite brands and products easily from the shelf.

2. A fair listing also helps the consumers conserving their time while purchasing CBD products like CBD infused from our multivendor marketplace.

3. The fair listing also helps the owners and sellers to make out the demand for different products on their website.

4. The listing also helps to build a positive image in the eyes of the buyers of different CBD products.

What are the limitations of selling different CBD products?

Nowadays, you can sell almost everything in the digital marketplace. The expansion has led us to experience a new trend of the market where you don’t have to visit the market; the market will come to you. Boolenat has emerged as a recognized platform for buying different CBD products ranging from CBD flower, marijuana flower, to CBD hemp oil and accessories like pipes, filters and cleaning supplies. You can get almost all useful CBD products to meet your daily needs from this online marketplace.

However, you must ensure a standard guideline for selling CBD products on the platform. As you are conducting business, you don’t acquire the right to sell prohibited goods or an illegal stuff, and hence you have to list up the goods that don’t fit with the standardized guidelines of listing. The advanced marketplace allows the consumers to review the products, and they can complain about products as well. You must ensure the positive environment for your goods.

Representation of your organization and the products

Boolenat is highly sensitive to transparency for conducting business over the digital platform. We focus on accuracy and honesty for building a positive image of our organization in the eyes of the buyers who buy with joy. While selling CBD products from the digital marketplace, you have to provide a proper description of various products available at the store. It would be better to provide other necessary policies related to your shop if there is any. You have to be aware of the intellectual property of other individuals. In case you feel someone has violated the rights, you can complain about the same. Always remember, the representation can drag the attention, and we are highly attentive to the representation of the sellers conducting business through the market.

Communication and privacy policy

Communication plays a key role in conducting business on the digital platform. Lack of communication often affects the business process. As a reputed multivendor outlet, we have our special messaging app, through which buyers and sellers can communicate for any assistance. Sometimes buyers are confused with products, and they require assistance while shopping from the platform. Our privacy policy is aimed at the consumers to offer a great shopping experience on the platform, which helps them to buy with joy.

Communication also works as an effective way to offer great services for consumers. However, there are some limitations, and you can’t communicate with the consumers for advertising, promotion, donations, or other requests. You cannot contact the customers after any transaction.

Building a progressive business environment through positive customer reviews

Customer reviews play an essential role in our multi-vendor marketplace. Boolenat is a vast market, and you have to compete to conduct the business successfully. Positive customer reviews work as an advantage in such businesses. Users often review the CBD product after purchasing it, and this helps other buyers know about the quality and other things regarding the product. As Boolenat is very sensitive to the positive image building, we have provided multiple options for building a positive environment. Consumers can comment, review, rate, and report. If someone leaves an unfavorable review, you can contact the individual in special cases. Reviewing also has some limitations that you should be aware of.

• Don’t ask or put any personal info

• Don’t make an unnecessary obscene or racist comment

• Respect the anti-discrimination policy of our organization

• Don’t include medical drug claims

• Don’t include spam and other advertisements

• Don’t ask for something that is out of the seller’s control

Description of the products

At Boolenat, we are committed to providing the best customer service in the industry. We highly recommend the sellers to put an original and adequate description of their products available on our multivendor marketplace. The proper description helps the consumers to choose the right CBD products like flowers, oil, and tea; also it helps to build a positive image in the eyes of the buyers. You can include product pictures, a short description, and some features on the platform to showcase your product. You can also put other details like manufacturing place, whether made from recycled items or organic. You can also categorize your product in different categories like CBD Flower, CBD Oil & Extract, Tea & Infusions, CBD Plants, and Accessories. You can decorate the platform with different items like text, pictures, videos, listing, and convoys, and this can increase the traffic to your website effectively.

The process of making products is something the buyers will always be curious. Buyers always show interest in learning how the products they are interested in are made of. Here at Boolenat multivendor marketplace, we understand the fact well and always invite our sellers to include as many details of the process of making as possible with their products. Buyers want to know how sellers produce their products and the details on the process of making often encourage them to consider the products worth of buying.

Satisfying consumers with various services

Conducting business in our multivendor marketplace is a pleasure. We have emerged as a big platform with numerous vendors and CBD products. As a leading platform to serve our consumers, we acquire a standard policy for our valuable customers and aim to offer great services at their doorstep. Boolenat marketplace focuses on the following services for valuable customers.

• Focus on processing and shipping time. It would be better to admit that shipping can vary depending on the country.

• When you are conducting business over the internet, reply to the conversation promptly. It helps to build a positive image in the eyes of the buyers.

• Always try to honour your shop policy while offering various services to your customers.

• Immediately solve any disputes related to the orders or transactions.

• All in case you cannot fulfil the other, notify the customers and cancel it.

We allow our vendors to use our platform, while at the same time, we make sure that our vendors are responsible for the products in our inventory. As a reputed multivendor marketplace, we have dedicated a team of professionals who check and control the quality of products being sold through our platform. However, we always make sure that our vendors are responsible for the quality of the products.

Also, sellers should be aware of the law, customs, tradition, and religious sentiments of the countries or areas they are shipping their products. We clearly state that it is the responsibility of our vendors to avoid any infringement and violation of these factors and always respect the laws and customs of buyers’ location.

Customers are valuable, and we try to satisfy them with our services so that they visit us again. These policies meet the Seller Service Level Standards, and you don’t have to worry about anything purchased from our multivendor marketplace.

Handling various processes like returns, order cancellations and exchanges effectively

It is important that different countries acquire dissimilar policies for shipping, cancellations, returns, or exchanges. Before deciding to conduct business in the digital marketplace, go through regulations of different countries. You can take adequate steps in case of not receiving the payment. You have to refund in case you can’t fulfill the order. We ask our consumers to solve any disputes with us before filing a case against us.

This is our seller policy, and this reflects the importance of our customers on our digital platform. We encourage our vendors to sell with love to join us, and we can help you show the path to success. No matter how small your business is, we can help to take it to a whole new level. We need your helping hands, and we believe that you need us as well.

Sell with Love and Buy with Joy

We are one of the most popular online multivendor marketplaces that sell CBD products like CBD oil, CBD tea, CBD plants and accessories like Rolling Papers, Grinders and Vaporizers. Our convenient business policies allow both buyer and sellers to strike deals conveniently. We try to ensure that every buyer will get the best CBD products from our platform. Likewise, we try to make it sure every vendor who sells products with love enjoys a safe and secure money transaction facility that starts with authentic buyers’ information.

We feel glad to provide an online multivendor platform, where both buyers and sellers can transact within a safe and reliable environment.