Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy policy and cookie policy is important for the visitors and we at Boolenat, are concerned about our privacy policy. This section will describe how the privacy and cookie policy are being used on our website and how we offer optimum data security for the third party partners and customers while buying or selling CBD products/accessories on our website. It’s a matter of pride that we have become successful in offering optimum protection of user information, and our website allows the users to submit their personal information as per their convenience, and it makes it more trust-worthy and easy to use for the users.

Boolenat is a multivendor marketplace for buying or selling CBD products like CBD flowers, marijuana flower, cannabis flower and accessories like Rolling Papers, Grinders, Pipes, Vape & Pens and others, it is essential to provide personal data so that you can avail the best quality service from the website. If you don’t share your data on our website, it will be impossible to provide our services. The privacy policy is subjected to change anytime, and users must check the privacy policy before taking any of our services.

Privacy Policy

Visitors are always welcomed on our website, and the privacy policy is our highest priority. To take it to a whole new level, we have some unique policies regarding privacy policy for trustable, safe, and exclusive business operation. In this portion, we have described how we manage our businesses and protect the users’ information. We offer the highest convenience to the users of our website and services and in case, you consider not sharing your personal information with us; we will not be able to serve you in any way. We have the right to change our privacy policy at any point in time. Thus, visitors should check

Accepting Our Privacy Policy

In case users are willing to use our services for buying or selling CBD products/accessories, we must collect their personal information. It helps us to know about personal interests and preferences. If you accept the terms and condition of using our website that means you have gone through our privacy policies and understood why we need your personal information.

However, you should know that we will not take responsibility for any malpractices performed by our members or any third party sites.

By submitting personal information on the website, users certify that they will be responsible for sharing their personal information, and the website will not take any responsibility for any malpractice done by third parties or others.


We understand the importance of online privacy, and hence, we aim to imply effective data protection policy and management system to safeguard the user information effectively. Users must submit their data that includes the first and last name, residential or work address, a valid email and other details like a cell phone number to access or avail the services on the website.

As per the terms of use, the person must be above 18 years, and the acceptance of terms of use certifies, we can use the user data to improve our services for buying or selling CBD products like CBD oil, CBD tea, CBD plants and accessories like Rolling Papers, Vaporizers, and Cleaning Supplies. In case you don’t want to share your personal data to improve our services, we recommend you to stay away from our website.

Information We Collect

If you are willing to use our website and services, we ask the users to provide their personal details like name, email address, and others. Visitors are allowed to change any information from the account setting, and it can affect the type of service depending on the availability of user data to avail a specific service. In many cases, users are asked to provide additional details like name of business/shop, credit card information, or other payment details. Such information is not required during signing up, but once you decide to get specific service, you have to provide additional information to avail it. Safe and hassle-free payment is important for your business, and hence, your card details will be saved for the future.

Users must provide their details like name, date of birth, location, and gender, or other additional information depending on the type of service. Users can edit or change their personal information anytime, and that’s a major advantage of using our website. The user name will be publicly displayed on our website, and all your activities will be linked to the profile. Other visitors can see sellers’ activities on selling CBD products/accessories on the platform.

Tracking Technologies

We use cookies on our website, and it helps us to gather user data regarding on-site activities and performances. The use of cookies on the website tracks personal information of the users, and it helps to improve our services. Users can block cookies from their browser, or they can delete it anytime by choosing suitable settings.

The website automatically records and receives user data whenever visitors access our website through a browser or applications. The website keeps necessary information like cookies, IP address, and searches on the platform. All the information is kept in log files, and we use the information to combine with personal details to offer better services in the future. The user data is also used to protect our platform from any fraudulent activity. We own the right to use the information to get an idea about how we offer our products and services to the members, customers, and third parties.

The website has the right to gather and keep necessary information regarding the device like hardware model, type of device, version of apps, IP address, and operating system device identifiers.

The website also owns the right to use various information like operating system, IP address, versions of applications, and browser information regarding usage for marketing or analytic reasons. In case users are accessing the website from a mobile device, they can share their location details. Once you share the location details, there's no need to provide location related data anymore. The website works as a local marketplace for the users, and it will suggest similar products based on the personal interests of the users.

Use of Cookies

Cookies can be described as small files that require your consent for storing it on your hard drive. If you allow the cookies, it will help you learn about web traffic and the time of visit on the specific website. Use of cookies helps the web applications to alter its operations based on personal preference by remembering or gathering user data.

The website also uses cookies to monitor user activities on the website. It helps us to analyze the information on the traffic and alter our products and services as per the demand of the users. The cookies are also used for statistical analysis, and it is deleted from the platform.

The use of cookies on our website helps us to improve our website and make it user-friendly at the same time. It also helps us understand what type of web pages are loved by visitors. Use of cookies doesn't allow us to access your device in any way, and you will have to take the final decision whether to accept cookies or reject it. It's a must to mention that the majority of browsers tend to store cookies automatically; however, one can change the settings from the browser and block cookies on your hard drive.

Information Collected By Third Parties

As a multivendor platform, we work with trusted third party vendors, who own the right to use personal data for marketing reasons. Using tracking technology like clear gifs, cookies, web beacons or other tools is very common among the third party marketers, and the website will not be responsible for similar activities done by third-party vendors since they are doing their jobs as per the norms.

The link of our website is often shared with other websites, and you can find the link of our website on other websites. In case you choose to access our website by clicking that link, we will not take any responsibility for the products or services.


We must protect the user information, and hence, we use the best tools to save the user data from unauthorized use and access. Though we take all the necessary precautions, the process of online data transmission can’t be 100% safe in any way, and we try to follow the best protocols to safeguard the user information on our platform. We cannot guarantee 100% security of data theft on our platform, and hence, users must think carefully before accessing our products and services.

The website will not take any responsibility for any damage, misuse, loss of data in case Force Majeure Event causes the loss. It’s a term that reveals some facts are beyond the control of Boolenat. Force Majeure Event includes incidents like natural calamities, explosion, computer hacking, civil commotion, strikes, riot, breach of security, computer crashes, or others.

Changes in Our Policy

The website owns the right to eliminate or alter the privacy policy at any time. The users are requested to check the privacy policy before accepting it. In case of any alteration of the privacy policy, we will notify the users. In the case of a new partnership with a new company, the user information will be sent to the system to improve the business operation.

You Are Allowed To Control Your Data

The users are allowed to edit, review, or eliminate their data from the website. The website also allows the users to choose the suitable ways to contact them. In case you want to change the default settings, you can do it from account settings. Users own the right to change their information on the website, and they can also remove optional data from time to time.

Also, the terms and conditions on our website allow the users to alter the information in some portions. Users can keep a copy of their shared information on the website, and one can get it from the setting option. The setting option can be used to rectify or update user information. Users can submit a formal request to Boolenat to stop using their personal information for business activities, and the website owns the right to eliminate the user information from user accounts.

Users can control the way of communication with Boolenat with the help of account setting on the website. The website can send notifications regarding products or services, and some notifications may contain legal issues or transactions about products to make and sell. In case you are unwilling to receive promotional or service-related notifications, you can change the settings and stop it.

Help Us to Find You

You can allow us to import your contact details through your email id, mobile phone’s address book or your accounts on social media. Here, you should know that Boolenat does not keep your log in information. The act of sharing multiple contact details with us will enable you to find people you know by email addresses, phone number or social media account details at our site.

This will allow you to remain connected with your friends even when you are not accessing our site. However, if you do not want your contact details to be shared with other members, or enable people you know to find you at our platform, you can change the find ability option through the account setting.

What We Do With Your Information

Whenever visitors access our website, we tend to gather necessary information automatically. It is previously described on the privacy policy page that our website owns the right to use user information for various purposes. One must understand that the website requires user data to understand demand and personal preferences while buying CBD products/accessories. It helps us to improve the website in the future. Here are some common reasons why we need user information,

  • The user data is used to improve specific services of the website

  • The user data is used to send notifications and promotional emails

  • The user data is used to provide valuable feedback on market research

  • The user data is used to keep customers’ record

How Your Information Helps Us

The website may use user data to improve the products. It is completely legal to collect the user information, and users must allow the website to keep, utilize, and process the information. It helps us understand how the products are helping our customers.

The practice also helps us to spot opportunities or improve our products and boost the business. It is necessary to allow the website to enjoy legal interests, and it is an effective technique to boost the business on the website.

We Are Committed To Keep Your Data Secured

The website is aware of various illegal activities like spam, intellectual property infringement, harassments, data theft, and many others. We at Boolenat, respect the privacy of individuals, and we never disclose or share sensitive user information like name, address, contact details with third parties without the necessary consent.

The website strictly follows a European Data protection framework, commonly known as General Data protection regulations (GDPR). Since we are a European multivendor marketplace, we are happy to follow the secure data protection policy on our website.

The information provided by the users helps in processing of payment and billing when you buy CBD products on our website. Your personal information is important for authentication and identification. The user data can be used to resolve various disputes on our platform. Also, the information helps to learn about personal interests in an effective way. The website owns the right to customize the personal experience on the platform, and it will help you find the relevant CBD products based on your interests.

Buying Product at Our Platform

Users can find a wide variety of CBD products and accessories at our platform. At our multivendor platform, you can get the best quality CBD products like CBD flower, CBD oil, CBD plants and accessories like Filters, Grinders, Pipes, and Cleaning supplies. We facilitate the transaction involving two parties by collecting, using and sharing data with our trusted partners and account holders.

Whenever you buy CBD items at, you request us to share your information with the seller, so that the seller can proceed with the order. We always request our account holder to respect the privacy of fellow account holders and use others’ information only at Boolenat.

Safety and Security of Your Data

The website owns the right to collect, keep, and distribute the user data with a third party in specific conditions. It includes, in the request of law enforcement on National Security, in the request of public authorities, to defend or apply any legal process and right or when we think it’s necessary to provide the personal information to prevent fraudulent activities, loss or other damages.

Any violation of our terms and conditions will increase the chances of your personal data to be shared with administrators or law and enforcement. The same can also happen for the interest of law enforcement or the public, where the website can prevent serious loss just by sharing your personal data.

The website is committed to providing optimum security to user data. Users must set a password to access the products and services on our website, and the password will safeguard the user data, and the users are expected to set the password wisely. We recommend the users to sign out every time, and it will be effective.

Some of the information on the website is encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. We are committed to protecting your personal information, and hence, we use industry-standard tools. The advanced security setting offers optimum protection, and users can share personal details without worries.

Third Party Access

As a multivendor marketplace, Boolenat works with third parties, including individuals and vendors, and it is essential to engage them in business operations. Third-party vendors or companies come as data analytics, payment processors, security providers, and researchers. Users must remember that third-party individuals can't access to personal data on the website. They can only use your data to perform the tasks mentioned above.

The third party vendors and companies have a positive contribution in offering quality service to the users, and hence the engagement is vital for the website. In many cases, the third parties don't have an active role in a website, but still, they help in improving the service on the website.

Know Your Right

Users own some basic rights regarding the information shared on the website. Some limitations are there, but it will vary on a specific location. Users are allowed to manage, edit, review, or eliminate the data from the website.

In case of public disclosure of your data, you own the right to object it in some conditions. The website will immediately stop sharing unless it is very serious.

Contact Us

In case you want to alter or eliminate user information from the website or willing to know more about the terms and conditions, you can send a message at