➤ Let’s Make the World a Better Place

  • We have a dream, it is about making the world a better place! We have dreamt about a world where everyone will have the opportunity to show his or her talent and creativity and be satisfied of his work.
  • We, therefore invite every individual who’s passionate about handmade and homemade things to come in the light and bring whatever they can create. We will give them a platform to promote and sell their items to a large number of audiences. We want to make business fairer and easier by establishing better connectivity and reliability between the buyers and sellers and we believe this can help us to make the world just a little better.

➤ Our Philosophy

  • As one of the most reputed multivendor marketplaces, our mission is to bring a smile to everyone’s face. We do not only care about our partner’s benefit and wellness, but also for the buyers’. We feel glad to claim that Boolenat provides a platform that offers equal right and benefits to everyone.
  • We have made our platform sellers and buyers friendly. Our user-friendly terms and condition and privacy policies allow sellers to sell homemade and handmade products without any restriction or added charge. Our user-friendly privacy policy makes us one of the biggest multivendor marketplaces for buyers seeking homemade gifts or customized products online.

➤ We Create Space for Everyone

  • We believe in a fair economy, and that is why we believe in giving an equal chance to everyone. We have made our platform available for large, medium and small business entities associated with the business of making handmade or customized products.
  • Boolenat also invites individual, even newcomers to share our platform to demonstrate their talent and creativity. We also allow sellers to bring customized handmade things at our platform and sell them at a reasonable price. We nurture equal empathy for buyers who visit our website and purchase product after thorough verification.
  • We have dedicated the site to people who do not make products just to earn money, but to give buyers a taste of creativity. Although our sellers bring products to our multivendor platform for a selected group of buyers, we invite everyone to come and see our intensive range of collections.