Q 1 – Does Boolenat work for selling my CBD Products?

A1 – Yes, Boolenat “Buy and Sell” is a leading online selling platform for CBD products like CBD oil, CBD plants, and CBD tea.

Q2 – Does the Multi-Vendor Marketplace allow me to have an online store to sell my CBD products?

A2- Yes, Boolenat “Buy & Sell” helps people to avail an online store to sell their CBD products like pure CBD oil, CBD infused and accessories like filters, pipes vape and pens.

Q3- Does Boolenat Vendor/ sell & Buy work with mobile devices?

A3 - Yes, Boolenat's website is fully responsive to multiple mobile devices. The CBD products website adjusts its layout with the resolution of the device.

Q4- Can I customize the shop?

A4 - Yes, you can. Boolenat's user-friendly website allows everyone to decorate their shop with their own preferences.

Q5 - What do you mean for CBD products?

A5- Here at Boolenat, we only sell products made or customized by reliable manufacturers.

Q6- Can I manage my list of products at Boolenat?

A6- Yes, you can manage your inventory of multiple CBD products like CBD hemp oil, CBD extract, or CBD plants. You can also manage the list of multiple units of various CBD items.

Q7- Is Your Website is Compatible with All Operating Systems?

A7 - Our website is compatible with all leading operating systems, including Windows, Linux, OS X, and FreeBSD.

Q8- Will I have to use any specific browser to access your website?

A8- No, Boolenat works with all major web browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Q9- Does Boolenat Work with Payment Gateways Like PayPal?

A9- Yes, we do. We work with PayPal, PayPal Pro, and PayPal Express. The list of payment gateways can be found on our webpage.

Q10- Is your website search engine Friendly?

A10- Yes, our website is designed to achieve optimum results in all leading search engines.

Q11- Is it possible to close my store on your platform?

A11- Yes, you can. We allow our sellers to close their accounts and stores at our platform.

Q12- Is it possible to include options for every product at your site?

A12- Yes, you can add options to every product you have bought from our site. However, additional information should be included in the list of products and details.

(What kind of example is applicable here)

Q13- Is your platform seller-friendly?

A13- Our platform is friendly for both buyers and sellers. We care about the benefits and welfare of both buyers and sellers.

Q14- Do you sell any factory-made product?

A14- We have created this platform for sellers who want to sell CBD products like CBD flowers, oil and extract, tea, CBD plants and accessories like Rolling Papers, Filters, Pipes, Vaporizers and more.

Q15- What if a particular product you are selling is illegal in other countries?

A15- We maintain strict seller terms and always urge our sellers to respect and obey the laws, traditions, and religious sentiments of countries they are selling their products. Remember, the seller is alone responsible for the sold items and Boolenat has no time to check all the items sold through its platform.

Q16- Do you sell alcoholic beverage?

A16 – We allow sellers to use our platform to sell only CBD products like CBD oil and CBD extracts, CBD plants, CBD tea, CBD infusions, and accessories.

Q17- Do you give warranties for your products?

A17- Boolenat is a platform where sellers and buyers meet and fulfill each others' demand. We do not make products. Hence, we cannot give warranties.

Q18- What you do with users' personal details?

A18- We need users' personal details including name, address, and contact information to send an important notification, product delivery, keep customer's record and to improve overall service.

Q19- Do you use cookies?

A19- Yes, we do. We use them for statistical analysis. However, you can stop us from sending cookies to your system by denying the permission whenever we will ask you or you can contact us anytime.

Q20- How do you protect users' data?

A20- We compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We protect users' data with this European data protection framework.

Q21 Can I return products?

A21- Yes, buyers can return products under specific conditions. For more information, please go through our shipping and return policy along with single seller information and rules.

Q22- Do CBD products work?

A22- Many users have experienced positive effects after using CBD products. There are so many studies that have reported the benefits of using CBD products.

Q23- Are CBD products legal?

A23- Yes, in Switzerland and most of the European countries CBD products are legal. However, we recommend all the users of our platform to respect the laws of other countries and do not deliver CBD products to the areas where they are not legal.

Q24- Can I carry CBD products like oil and extract to anywhere?

A.24- Please, do not carry or deliver CBD products like CBD flowers, CBD plants, marijuana flower, cannabis flower, or CBD buds where they are illegal. We request the users to check the single state laws before bringing or shipping CBD products.