Commision & Rates

The using of our website is free. The Boolenat website and all related websites and activity is built for you so that you can easily sell your home-made crafts. We work every day so that you can make money out of your passion and also, so we can help making the world a better place for all of us. For this work, we must pay all our workers and infrastructures, so we must earn some money to go on and become stronger with you, therefore we apply a commission on your income. We are sure you understand. The commission varies as in the following list. If you are a big seller or you think the commission is not fair, please ask us and we will possibly consider a special commission rate for you.


Commission for

  1. From     0.1.- $    to 2499.9 $    ---- is 6.9%
  2. From     2500.- $     to 10000 $    ---- it will be 3%